Aaroh 2009


Here is the list of all the competitions, check it out, find your events, get prepared for the auditions and be there on time!


Engineering is the professional art of applying science to the optimum conversion of natural to the benefit of man.

-Ralph J.Smith

To create is to live. Everything else is just existence! Welcome to the competition…Where creativity is more important than Winning.Welcome to the place which bridges your Dreams about the campus and Reality.Welcome to Aaroh.

Welcome to Srijan”

Oh C’mon you don’t have to be much apprehensive about it, do you?

This category calls for all those who are innovative. Creative and wants to give something to all of us.Ever felt like trying your hand at architecture and structure designing? Ever wondered how it would feel if you could construct something that could make a difference? Srijan gives you a platform to do that. Srijan has been one of the most sought after events of the fest inviting a stampede of participants in it’s every edition. This event tests ones knowledge, ability to apply common sense.3-D perception and enterprise in designing and optimization.

Your objective is to design a resource and time-optimized structure that satisfies the constraints mentioned in the given task. What we can do in Srijan, we can do no where else.

Complete Details Here

Cream of the Crop

Cream of the Crop (ECB Cup)

After all the stunning events o the two days, the last night is heavy with suspense as all assemble to look towards the stage and wait to see who the chosen best branch of ECB is.

This will be the night where you`ll fell the entire ECB into one concert ground. Crowds in excess of 1000. The very atmosphere is enough to set your heart racing. But wait, the war hasn`t started yet..Just wait for that to hypnotize your arms and your legs.

Think we are kidding?

Surrender to ECB!

The Abhivyakti Sthal will be set ablaze by the lightning unleashed as “ECB`s best branch” feet come down with all the energy of a million-volt bolt.

Rest assured , the most electricifying nite in Goonj.

2 memorable hours of your life. 2 hrs of Excitement , 2 hrs of panic attack, 2 hrs of jubilation.

Who has the unity, maximum participation, coordination, confidence, and the talent to stand victorious, catching all the attention?

A race against branch.. and you are invited!

Complete Details here


(the Band Competition)


Round 1-Instrumental

Round 2-Jugal Bandi

Round 3-Live wire(with vocal)

Complete Details here


(The THEME BASED group dance competition)

If you believe that dance is not just moving your body, it’s a language through which one can express all his feelings, then here is an apt platform for you

Come let’s express ourselves,

Come let’s share our feelings,

Come let’s DANCE!!!

Complete details here

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